Homeopathy For All

In the practice of 17yrs I have an experience of treating different types of cases such has cancers of brain, liver, esophagus, intestine, mouth, skin, blood, bone etc.

Treated hundreds of cases of Prolapsed intervertebral disc (Sciatica), spondilysis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout (uric acid), progressive muscular dystrophy, and many types of joint pain cases. I also had an experience of treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS), different types of paralysis (Palsy’s).

Various kinds of injuries such as accident cases long standing duration, injuries of sportsmen (wrestlers, athletes).Pediatric asthmas, behavior problems in children, developmental disorders (mental and physical retardation), bedwetting, heart problems (mitral stenosis, septal defects ),
Female complaints as irregular menses, sterility, prolapsed uterus, cancer of breast, cervix, uterus. Kidney stone, gall bladder stone, pancreatic stone, renal failures, diabetic foot (gangrene dry and wet), diabetic neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy .
Allergies – food, airborne, sun and from almost anything .

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